The Estonian government compensates the Lutheran and Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople the damage from the war

Tallinn. 28 Dec. INTERFAX – the Estonian Government on Thursday decided to allocate operating in Estonia churches of € 8.2 million.

The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (aelc) will receive 6.8 million euros, 1.4 million euros allocated to the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (EAOC PC).

“The funds are allocated as non-taxable return of subsidies to compensate the Churches for material damage received in the course of the war and occupation. The government and the Church agreed that a grant of the Church will abandon the old property disputes,” – said at a press conference, Minister of public administration Jaak AAB.

Eels intends the money to restore the dome Church in Tallinn, to build and refurbish a number of religious buildings, as well as to invest in social activities.

EAOC KP plans to continue the construction of the existing convent on the island of Saaremaa and to build a monastery.

At the same time the Deputy of Parliament from the ruling Party leading centre Heimar Lenk said on Thursday the Estonian radio that the allocation of funds to the Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is the desire of the government to compensate for the loss of the Pechersky monastery in the Pskov region. Before the Second world war the territory on which it stands, belonged to the Republic of Estonia.

“As far as I know, it (allocation of funds) is conceived to compensate for the remaining on the other side of the border Pechersk monastery. But the question arises: if we give money to one of the Orthodox Church, why we do not give the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. They all suffered in the war,” reminded the MP.