Tech 2017: The year’s biggest stories

Getty Images/Reuters

For many, 2017, will be defined by the false news and the struggle against it.

Others stress the blog that he discovered the sexism and sexual harassment at Uber, helping force the resignation of the ride-from the founder, and paving the way for other disputes to be discovered.

Players may prefer instead to celebrate the Nintendo revival thanks to the Switch console, and the drivers to highlight Elon Musk wants to electrify the trucking industry.

But yes, the BBC Tech readers, you focus your attention elsewhere, at least as far as our figures on what you clicked on suggest.

Below are the most popular stories for each month of the year.

January: Unwanted size

March: Watching the watchers

May: WannaCry wreaks havoc

June: Ukraine attack

July: Bitcoin big time

November: a difficult start

December: the Slowdown


Apple may have had the best of intentions, but her secret love left even some of his biggest fans shaking their heads, this time.

And it was only after a blog by the creators of the Geekbench app has gone viral that the american company has publicly confirmed that it had been deliberately slowing down the aging iphone to help manage the performance problems caused by their batteries wear out.

It subsequently emerged that the company had apparently privately informed some analysts, the decision of a year ago, but had not shared the details with its consumers.

If the customers would really have preferred thicker phones with more or swap batteries, it is open to debate.

But the risk we face is that buyers suspected to be unreliable.

At the time of writing, Apple has been cited in eight different cases in the USA on the issue, as well as facing legal action in Israel.