Kiev is waiting for the freed hostages: map

The initiative Kiev call concerned to get together and meet Ukrainian ex-hostages from the Donbass, which is today at 13:00 is scheduled to be released in the exchange for those who requested a hybrid fighters of the Russian army. This is stated in the Facebook group “Meet the“.

After the transfer the authorities of citizens who are held hostage, their military transport plane Il-76 delivered to the military airport in Boryspil.

Ukrainian prisoners of war delivered to the exchange

The meeting place willing to welcome the freed on the highway in the direction of Boryspil in about a kilometer behind the monument to Holodomor victims in the Parking lot the group of stations. The exact location on a Google map can be viewed here.

Kiev on cars offered in the Facebook-group ride to a meeting place for all those wishing to participate in the event. It also indicates that there are special buses from the metro station Boryspil. What time will the flight, the link will report not earlier than 15:00.

“I it is Yogo vzhe 2 rocky. Spodvigla scho Yogo lastly pobutu I obnimu today” — Mati polanenko Vasil Bun— Hromadske.UA (@HromadskeUA) 27 Dec 2017

The exchange is supposed to be held according to the scheme “306 74“: 74 for release of hostages the militants give 306 of requested persons who have agreed to go on the temporarily uncontrolled territory.