Chess Muzychuk Post about boycotting the world Cup has become the most popular in the Ukrainian Facebook

The post Ukrainian chess players Anna Muzychuk on the decision to boycott the world Cup in Saudi Arabia has become the most popular in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook, writes Watcher.

“In a few days I will lose both of their League titles – one after the other. Just because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. Don’t play by anyone’s rules, won’t wear the Abaya, do not go with the escort on the street and won’t feel the secondary creature. A year ago I won both of these titles and was the happiest person in the chess world, but now I feel really bad. I am ready to fight for your principles and miss the tournament, which could bring more money than a dozen tournaments together. It’s all annoying, but more – no one to care. It’s a really bitter feeling, but I’m still not going to change my opinion. The same applies to my sister Marie – I’m so glad that she shared my point of view. So, for the few who is still care – we’ll be back!” – wrote Muzychuk.

Add Anna Muzychuk 27 years. In the Iranian world championship, she played in the final, but lost to the Chinese Junyi.