Anyone in Melbourne lost to a crocodile?

The australian police are searching for the owner of a small crocodile found wandering the streets of Melbourne on Christmas Day.

The local take a walk in the afternoon ran into the reptile out of a suburban business.

Victoria Police said they were initially skeptical and went to the scene expecting to find a large lizard.

In its place they found a 1m (3.2 feet) long freshwater crocodile “sitting quietly on the sidewalk”.

The snake catcher Mark Pelley was called to handle the unusual Christmas is located in the suburb of Heidelberg Heights.

He said that the police called him that night, saying: “There is a crocodile walking the streets and is currently outside of a medical center.”

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Mr Pelley told local radio station 3AW that rushed to the scene, where he found “five members of the police force faced a decent-sized crocodile, about three-and-a-half foot, and the crocodile does not back down”.


The crocodile tried to scamper into the bushes, but was caught by the tail, and is now in the care of state wildlife authorities.

“We’re running on the assumption that it was a pet at some point, it’s a long way from any water bodies,” Acting Sergeant Daniel Elliott said Tuesday.

Pet owners in Victoria are allowed to keep the crocodiles of up to 2.5 m in length.