A man arrested on threatening letters, calls Barnaby Joyce

74-year-old, who was arrested at Armidale Police station today, allegedly made a threat to the house last week, on Saturday, the 23rd of December.

The Police has not confirmed that the home of the telephone call has been made.

The man has been charged with one count of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend and one count of harassment or intimidation.

A police investigation has been launched after the initial incident, on 6 November, when a threatening letter was sent to Mr. Joyce, Peel Street office in Tamworth.

Malcolm Turnbull joins Barnaby Joyce as he celebrates his victory in the New England by-election. Photo: Lyndon Mechielsen/The Australian

It is understood that the letter contained a message about a government loan in relation to the Adani project of mine, and a ball.

“The envelope and its contents were seized by police for forensic investigation,” NSW Police said today.

Other surveys were made after the threat of the last week before the man was arrested today.

It is understood that it has been released on bail with the condition not to have contact with politicians.

The man will appear in Armidale Local Court on Monday 12 February.