Media: Investigators of the Congress questioned the party to meet the son of trump with the Russians

Interest in Irakli Kaviladze intensified when it became known that the businessman was present at a private dinner with trump back in 2013

Investigators of the U.S. Congress questioned American businessman with Georgian roots, who in 2013 was met with Donald trump, then owner of the beauty contest “Miss universe”.

The purpose of the interrogation was to find out, does Irakli Kaviladze to arrange a meeting between the Russians and the eldest son of trump during the election campaign of 2016.

This was reported by four sources familiar with the situation.

The meeting in new York’s Trump Tower skyscraper with the participation of Donald trump Jr. and other advisers of the campaign was the focus of the investigations of Congress and spectracolor Robert Mueller, who are trying to install, has joined the staff of the election headquarters trump in collusion with Russia when Moscow’s attempts to interfere in the election in the United States, the sources said.

Russia rejects the accusations of the us intelligence agencies meddling in the election, and the President, Donald trump deny any collusion.

According to sources, the committees of the Senate and house of representatives intelligence recently interviewed Irakli Kaviladze – American businessman born in Georgia when it was a Republic of the USSR, behind closed doors.

In the US, Kaveladze is a representative of the company Crocus Group, owned by Azerbaijani tycoon Aras Agalarov.

Congressional committees knew that Kaveladze attended the meeting in new York on 9 June 2016, but even more interested in him learning that he also attended a private dinner with trump and Agalarov in Las Vegas in 2013 when they celebrated the conclusion of the agreement on competition “Miss universe” in Moscow, the sources said.

Committee members wanted to know more about the extent of contact with family Kaveladze trump and find out if he played a more significant role in organizing the meeting in the Trump Tower than previously thought.

The white house declined to comment. In the apparatus Muller also declined to comment.