“The alternative to German leadership in Europe”. Berlin challenges the U. s

MOSCOW, December 6 — RIA Novosti, Igor Gashkov. The formation of a ruling coalition in Germany against the backdrop of disputes about the place of this country in international relations. Foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel said that Berlin needs to strengthen its role in the world, reviewing previous relationship with the United States. The decision about foreign policy turn German politician has dubbed “shotgun” by linking it with the unpredictability of the Americans: “the Confidence with which we looked at the USA as the defenders — and this despite the case differences, — now begins to crumble”. As Gabriel says, his country intends to develop in relation to States “new policy”. Among the differences between Berlin and Washington, the Minister referred the Iranian dossier and the anti-Russian sanctions.
Donald trump at the ceremony of the official meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel heads of delegation of States parties to the G20 in Hamburg. July 7, 2017
“We can no longer wait while Washington decides”

Cooling between the United States and Germany came at the beginning of this year, when the authorities in Washington, came Donald trump.”He and German Chancellor Angela Merkel represent very different groups of Western elites c mismatched views of the world and international relations.Merkel is considered to be one of the leaders of liberal globalism, and trump, on the contrary, rather protectionist,” — told RIA Novosti member of the Presidium of the Russian Council on international Affairs Andrey Kortunov. The lack of understanding between Berlin and Washington since the beginning has turned into a protracted, but sluggish confrontation between the parties. Minister Gabriel, who received his post at the same time with trump several times with critical remarks about U.S. policy, including on middle Eastern and Russian fronts. The meeting between trump and Merkel at the White house ended without a handshake. The parties do not agree on the “Nord stream — 2”.

Against this background, the speech delivered by the foreign Minister on December 5 at the Foreign policy forum in the Fund Cerberus, looks like another step in the direction of the United States. Gabriel criticized the role of the EU in the international arena as “minor” and urged to rectify the situation by linking the problems with lack of self-confidence other people are using. “Germany can’t afford to wait until Washington decides”, — showed the head of Gabriel.

“The world today is becoming more inconvenient place. And we already notice that, despite all our economic well-being, there is no convenient place in international politics for us is not” — complained the Minister.

The Russian theme is sounded in the performance of the policy in connection with the package of sanctions against our country, approved by the President trump this summer. The US secured the right to impose restrictions not only against Russian companies and their foreign partners in the energy sector. Potentially under the threat of sanctions are German, French and Austrian companies working on the construction of “Nord stream — 2”. In June 2017, Sigmar Gabriel and the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern protested the adoption of these measures. In November, visiting Saint Petersburg, the German Minister confirmed that he supports the construction of the pipeline. On the question of the German energy Minister sided with Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel
Whether Germany is ready to again become a great power?

The speech by the head of the German foreign Minister raises the question about how Berlin is able to take on the role of political forces ready to talk with Washington on equal terms. Historically, the increase in Germany is a concern to neighbouring countries, not forgetting the experience of the wars of the twentieth century. Nowadays Berlin is experiencing difficulties with Poland and Greece, reproached the German government for his current policy and his past. Warsaw and influential politicians in Athens would like to have from Germany additional financial compensation for war crimes.

“But overall in the EU is dominated by those who would like more German leadership, not less — told RIA Novosti Kortunov. Because Berlin is in Europe putting a lot of hope, see it as an economic engine that will help other countries to cope with their problems. And besides, all admit that the alternative to German leadership in Europe is objectively not. However, you should take into account the nuance. What if you dominate does not want the Germans themselves? Today, the country many believe that the authorities too much effort to spend on Europe, whereas we ought to focus on domestic issues”.

In addition to the internal and external resistance, Germany on the road to great power status would have to overcome the lag in the military sphere. After the election trump in the European Union are gaining momentum in the voices of those who advocate the creation of a European army with a considerable German involvement. Armed forces, which would make the statements made Gabriel more weight, would need serious investment. Economically, Europe can afford these costs, but politically it is not ready to disengagement from NATO.
Participant of protest action against the air base, the U.S. air force Ramstein Germany

However, the developments in Germany makes you pay more attention to the speech of Gabriel. The failure in the negotiations on forming a governing coalition has put Germany on the brink of a political crisis. Having lost hope to convince the liberals, Angela Merkel holds talks on the establishment of a government with the social Democrats, which is Gabriel. About the future of this policy actively write in the German press. Citing sources in the corridors of power, the German journalists argue that the new composition of the German government the role of Gabriel could rise to number two in the team Merkel. In this case, it is a voice policy calling for “new politics” in the USA sounds even more loudly.