American superesminets Zumwalt broke during testing

MOSCOW, December 12 — RIA Novosti. Recent tests of the American destroyer the USS Zumwalt has interrupted the fifth of December from-for breakages, after which the ship returned to the shipyard in Maine, said in a statement, the Navy, which leads portal USNI News.

The day after the departure from the shipyard to the ship refused harmonic filters that protect sensitive electrical equipment from undesirable power fluctuations. USS Zumwalt lost the ability to use a complex electrical network at high loads.

High-tech destroyer of darkness launched last fall, but during this time he has already visited several times for repairs. Okay, first opened to flow in the power plant of the ship, a month later, down came the heat exchangers, after which it had to be towed to base.

In addition, the USS Zumwalt has proved very expensive to operate, even by the standards of the us army. Shot from a unique gun, which is equipped with destroyer, manages the budget of 800 thousand dollars if the cost of the ship to 4.4 billion. As previously reported by Defense News, the U.S. Navy has reduced the procurement plan of the ships of this class from 28 to three units.