Pakistan has rejected criticism from the United States

Raza Rabbani commented on the statement by Vice-President Mike Pence that Pakistan has long provided shelter to the Taliban

In Pakistan opened a parliamentary conference with participation of representatives of six countries who discuss problems of combating terrorism and inter-regional relations.

The delegation of Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran are headed by the speakers of the houses of Parliament. The conference is held in Islamabad under high security measures.

The President of the Senate, the upper house of the Pakistani Parliament, used the high-level conference to condemn the policy of U.S. President Donald trump, which, in his opinion, is to lay on the blame Pakistan for failures in Afghanistan. Raza Rabbani criticized the administration trump for ignoring the sacrifices made by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

“Two days ago we saw that the Vice-President of the US have the nerve, have the guts to say that he makes the warning to Pakistan. But it should be clearly understood that Pakistan is a sovereign state, which has no habits to heed anyone’s warnings, especially the warnings of the U.S.,” said Rabbani.

He was referring to a statement by Vice-President Mike Pence in front of American soldiers during a visit to Afghanistan on Thursday. Pence said that Pakistan for too long has provided refuge to the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.