Bezviz: the Number of traveling abroad through the airport “Kiev” for six months increased by one third

The number of traveling abroad through the airport “Kiev” (Juliani) for the six months increased by one-third thanks bezveze, said acting head of the Kyiv city customs GFS Sergei Tupalski.

So, from June 11 this year, the border on departure at the airport, crossed by about 330 thousand citizens and the entry of more than 360 thousand.

“This is a third more than in the same period last year! This is an average of 2 thousand people a day!” – wrote Tupalski in the social network “Facebook”.

According to him, more than 90% of the trips abroad through the “Kiev” was flying to the EU. The most popular European destinations – Budapest, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Poznan and Rome.

“And we understand that this is only the beginning. A significant number of Ukrainians still did not have time to obtain a biometric passport. Therefore, the number of Ukrainian citizens who are free to travel to EU countries, will continue to grow”, – said the head of customs.