Arrested American, preparing the Christmas terrorist attack

Everett Jameson was going to attack popular tourist attraction in San Francisco

FBI agents have arrested a man on charges of preparing a terrorist attack in San Francisco- the target of the attack was a popular tourist site, the attack was to take place the day after Christmas.

Arrested 26-year-old Everett Jameson, a resident of Modesto, California, who became a follower of jihadist ideas.

Jameson met several times with FBI agents posing as jihadists. He said that he intends to put the explosives on the Pier-39 – the popular tourist district on the seafront promenade, blow up the bombs and then open fire on people with automatic weapons. According to the indictment, Jameson knew this place and was sure that there is always a lot of people. He also told the FBI agent that the Monday after Christmas – “a lovely day”. The prisoner also stated that he plans escape routes, because “ready to die”. From FBI agents, which Jameson believed the jihadists, he received the explosives and other items necessary for the production of remote-controlled bombs.

The search of the house jameson was discovered the firearm and ammunition and will. In his will, he, in particular, denounced the President of the United States Donald trump for a decision on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In 2009, Jameson passed a short training course in the marine Corps, but was dismissed due to the fact that reported false information about the state of his health – he had asthma.

Previously, ISIS has encouraged its supporters to carry out attacks in Western countries on Christmas.