Russia as a beloved grandmother

Saturday, December 23, Vladimir Putin speaks at the Congress of “United Russia”. The Russian leader criticized the corruption and arrogance of the officials promised to move forward “from victory to victory” and urged the country to make “young again”. He expected to have received the support of the party in the elections of 2018. The EP not only agreed with Putin’s decision to go the independent candidate, but called the move the right “in the current situation”.

The presidential campaign officially started in Russia on December 18, but a Prime candidate for a long time in sport. And demonstrates that it is not just a figure of speech. Last week it during the day, spread through the three countries, this is carried out many activities. And before the weekend I decided to go on the ice, Zabolotiv, as always, a few washers. In the night from Friday to Saturday Vladimir Putin has played hockey practically in the courtyard of the Kremlin on red square. In the same command as the head of state addressed the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian businessman Gennady Timchenko and the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin. Defeated the Reds — that is, the team President.

The message about the match the Kremlin website published only in the morning when the 75-th pavilion has tightened (not as dashing as hockey players), the members of “United Russia”. Simply pressed suit several hours they walked through the lobby, handing out Saturday morning comments to the press. And closer to the dinner took place in the hall. The main participants had to wait. And many relaxed to the point that he stretched his legs, threw back his head and something deeply meditated with his eyes closed.

But relaxing was not long — acting Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Andrey Turchak has declared mobilization before the election. Primarily, this concerns the regions. “There is the presidential majority in our country”, — explained the leaders of the party. However, the algorithm of mobilization promised to look later. But the essence boils down to two tasks: to gather the necessary signatures, and also to explain to the citizens the ideology and goals of the main presidential candidates.

“We must not forget that the number wishing to denigrate our country, especially before March, will only grow,” warned party members Turchak. And called to mobilize all supporters to the polls, “explain to them that Russia needs Putin.”

And the Congress all went on as usual. Within the hour, the announcer invited everyone to take seats and prepare for the plenary. Finally came to the rostrum Chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia Boris Gryzlov and read: “736 delegates of the party are present 710 delegates”. In the hall, for example, was not the head of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev. “He still moves in a wheelchair,” — explained in the margins. But was seen the head of the old believers ‘ Church, Metropolitan Cornelius. He was present as a member of the Council for cooperation with religious associations under the President.

“I propose to start work. Who for?” asked Gryzlov, and about a third of the audience raised their hands. “Who against?” — no hand twitched. The formalities ended, and the stage to the applause of left Putin.

His long speech the President began with flattering words in address of the party: “a powerful, unifying political force”, “deserve leadership with real deeds in the interests of citizens.” A few have said about the success of the authorities: “break the seemingly insurmountable trend in the economy, demography, social sphere; improved security; have proven that they can solve the problems of development”. “And of course, if we worked, if there are any achievements, it is above all the merit of the citizens of Russia, their will and their work”, — said Putin.

But all that has been done, is only the Foundation, not a guarantee of further successful development, the President warned. Of course, it would be possible to achieve and more, he acknowledged. And it happens when setting ambitious goals and something does not work. But even worse not to put such tasks.

Further movement, according to the candidate, should be based on patriotism, harmony between the peoples of the multinational country, respect for its history, culture and traditions. A key condition — the absence of shocks. And stability can undermine the rust of corruption and bribery, indifference to their country, boastfulness and arrogance of politicians and bureaucrats.

Putin believes that the rightful place in the future must be provided for all. He urged the “United Russia” with respect to a viable opposition, which has clear program of affirmative action.

Speaking of prospects, the head of state stressed that it is impossible to unfulfilled promises. The fight against poverty is one of the main objectives: “Today, almost 20 million people, and this is unacceptable lot”. The President also urged to remove all fuzzy rules in the acts that are used by “unscrupulous law enforcement” to “drive the business”. On the world stage, Putin pledged to continue an open and honest foreign policy. “We do not seek we do not seek confrontation with anyone”, he said.

Especially said about the young generation, which is necessary to bring in politics, business, science: “the Young people coming of age. I’m sure they will firmly defend the interests of Russia, to lead the country on the path of progress, leadership and well-being.” The future of Russia is the current head of state appear to be “moving forward from victory to victory.”

Speaking on the second number, Dmitry Medvedev, supported the nomination of Putin. “United Russia” would be pleased to nominate him for President as their candidate, but believes he is correct to rely on the broad strata of citizens, not one party, explained the General position of Medvedev. “The country needs a strong and absolute leader. This is the person trusted by the majority of citizens, — Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. We support your self-promotion. We will provide you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, with all possible support, both now and in the future”, — promised the Chairman of the party.

Everything was going according to plan. The only surprise of the Congress can only be called the second Putin’s speech. She was nothing like the first. After listening to Medvedev, Putin abruptly announced that it was necessary to discard everything that hinders the renewal of Russia: “we Have a lot of stuff. Who prevents to take out a young and promising going forward and? All of this should be to isolate and thrown aside”.

Not need to country “to refer to his beloved grandmother — time to give her medicine so she did not hurt, and this is the limit”. “Not at all! We must make Russia a young, forward! exclaimed Putin, and added: — Well, can’t do the sick and the uneducated”. But concluded his speech on a positive note: the President believes in success, millions of Russians will move only forward (this idea sounded a refrain throughout the Congress).

Without going into the discussion and avoiding informal communication, Putin quickly left the pavilion, and the party continued the work. “United Russia”, speaking in a tone with the President, outlined the update of the main vector of its development and supported a predetermined course on the rotation of personnel. Started this process immediately: updated the composition of the Central bodies of the party — the Higher and General councils. The latter, in particular, left the Senator Franz Klintsevich. He was replaced by young people: the Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov, the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov and the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Boyarsky. The party heeded the President’s Council and drew attention to the new generation.


On Saturday, held meetings, and other political associations of Russia. Congress of the Communist party has nominated a presidential candidate not the party leader Gennady Zyuganov and businessman Pavel Grudinina. Seemingly permanent head of the Communists will head the election headquarters of the new candidate. And the Congress of the party “Civil initiative” was named as their candidate TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. She became a member of the party and became its political Council. For the nomination Sobchak vote of 96 people, seven against and three abstained.

Tatyana Melikyan