In Kiev a car flew into the oncoming lane affected children and women

In the capital on the bridge on the street meadows faced Mazda and Volkswagen, injuring the woman driver and her two children. It is reported by the Informant.

It is reported that the accident occurred at about 8 am. According to the driver of Volkswagen, he moved over the bridge in the direction of zhilmassiva Husbandman, when he flew towards the Mazda.

Driving a Japanese car was a woman. In addition to her in the car were two children.

In a frontal collision, the woman and children suffered. According to police, the victims were taken to city clinical hospital of emergency medical care.

In the place of police work. The details of the incident are investigated by the investigator for the accident.

We will remind, on December 18 near Kiev in Brovarsky district, an accident involving a passenger car and wagon, killing the driver of the car and his pregnant wife. On 17 December in Kiev at troyeschina a young man died under the wheels of a car on the Avenue Vatutina.