The U.S. government approved a license to supply lethal weapons Ukraine

According to the testimony of the state Department, yet we are not talking about government procurement

The administration of President Donald trump approved the first commercial sales of U.S. lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine, which could mean a major change in its policy towards Russia.

The U.S. state Department spokesman Heather Nauert told CNN that the foreign Ministry December 13 notified Congress that it had approved the export license, which allows Ukraine to buy a certain light weapons and small arms from American manufacturers.

“The US government does not sell the Ukrainian government’s weapons,” she said.

United States do not transmit lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine, but does not rule it out, added Neuert.

The state Department spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, also confirmed the approval of the Russian state news Agency TASS.

“The Department of state has issued licenses for commercial exports to Ukraine of a limited number of small arms and light weapons of the American manufacturers” – leads TASS his statements.

The representative of the office explained that US policy “has never been restricted commercial sales”.

“The United States government is not directly sold and not transferred gratuitously defensive weapons to Ukraine, but we also do not exclude that we will start to do it,” he said, according to TASS.

The Washington Post first reported on the administration’s decision to allow the export of weapons to Ukraine, which is inconsistent with the practice of the administration of former President Barack Obama and the spirit of the calls of the President trump the warming of relations between the US and Russia.

Administration officials confirmed to the Washington Post that the state Department earlier this month approved a license for commercial exports to Ukraine M107A1 sniper rifles and also ammunition, components, and the appropriate equipment. The sales volume is estimated at 41.5 million dollars.

These weapons are intended to address the specific vulnerability of the Ukrainian troops, fighting with the separatists supported by Russia, in two Eastern provinces, the newspaper said.

According to the Washington Post, the government of Ukraine was requested to supply more heavy weapons, such as Javelin anti-tank missiles, however, the approval to export was not given.

Congress authorized such sales in the Act in support of freedom of Ukraine in 2014, but no action the Obama administration did not follow what was perceived as the actual decision not to supply lethal weapons to the Ukrainian military.

This week, trump unveiled his national security strategy, which refers to the opposition of Russia on several fronts and stated that the ambition and potential of Moscow, creating “an unstable boundary in Eurasia, where there is a growing risk of conflict over Russian miscalculations.”

The document stresses that the United States and Europe will work together “to counter Subversion and aggression”.

The Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign relations Bob Corker, who was one of the initiators of the law, welcomed the administration’s decision to trump.

“I’m glad the administration approved the sale of defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine – said Corker Washington Post. – This decision was supported by Congress in legislation adopted three years ago, which reflects a long-term commitment to Ukraine in the face of continuing Russian aggression.”

American media cite the words of the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the fact that the supply of weapons to Ukraine will lead to further aggravation of tension and to push Ukraine to new reckless military decisions.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert touched on the topic of the conflict in Ukraine on Tuesday, saying that “Russia and its puppets are the source of violence in the East of Ukraine, and the Russian government contributes to the continuation of active conflict and humanitarian crisis owing to its position of the leader and the dispatch of military forces in the field.”

Nauert said that the United States continues to urge Russia to withdraw its troops and weapons from Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine was the basis for tensions between the US and Russia.

Trump’s approach to the problem of Ukraine and to relations with Russia in General attracts a lot of attention amid investigations of alleged coordination between the associates and trump Russia with the purpose to influence the outcome of presidential elections in the United States in 2016.

Earlier this month, Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that the US will retain the introduced sanctions against Russia until it withdraws from Ukraine.