Jesus told how at age 13 he wanted to break his legs

Manchester city striker Gabriel Jesus told about how at age 13 he threatened to break his legs, but his defense became his teammates.

“When I was 13 years old, I began to play football with grown men. In Brazil this is reminiscent of street basketball – a lot of tough joints and dirty beats. We played against the strongest team in the League. All asked one question: “Who is this child?”.

I managed to beat the defender and score a goal. He said he will break my legs. I again received the ball and sent it into the net. We played a draw (2:2) and won on penalties. This player again threatened to break his legs, already in the Parking lot. At the time I was defended by teammates.

The story is not over. I came for Christmas to see her family. Went to the Bank and met the guy. He said, “Babe, remember me? I wanted to break your legs. I wasn’t kidding, brother. I really wanted to do it. And now you play for my favorite team. I love you, brother.”

I couldn’t believe what he heard. We laughed together on this and make a joint photo for memory”, – quotes the words Jesus Goal.

Earlier it was reported that Manchester city plans to increase the salaries of the young footballer Gabriel Jesus.

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