In Kiev held a rally of sex workers

In the center of Kiev on Thursday, 14 December, at a rally attended by about 20 people. They held his rally on the eve of Day of protection of sex workers. Part of the protesters themselves working in the sex industry.

Members put sacks on their heads with the letters and made the word “enforced”.

The promotion of sex workers on the Maidan (photo: Stranaya)

Action to support sex workers undertook more “all-Ukrainian League Legalayf and the Alliance of civil health. According to them, about 80 thousand Ukrainians are in this category, and they are constantly exposed to violence.

“We are not protected, we are daily subjected to all kinds of violence,” – said the head of Legalayf Yulia Dorokhova.

The demonstrators also called for equal rights to medical care, protection from law enforcement officers, and the abolition of administrative liability for prostitution.

Therefore, at the end of the promotion one of the participants in police uniforms pointedly removed the gun and took the bags with the faces of the demonstrators.

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Previously, workers in the sex industry protested under the Cabinet of Ministers against the penalties for prostitution.