Became known details of the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry

LONDON, November 28 — RIA Novosti. British Prince Harry and an American actress Megan Markle were married in may in Windsor, announced Tuesday Kensington Palace. The wedding will take place at St George’s chapel on the territory of Windsor castle.

Prince Harry and his bride chose a Church ceremony, despite the fact that Markle divorced. The Anglican Church in recent years has no objection to the weddings of divorced people, but Harry and Megan could follow the example of Prince Charles, father Harry, who for his second wedding chose a civil ceremony.

Yesterday morning, the couple announced their engagement, the same day they held their first photography as the bride and groom. On Monday evening Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave a great television interview in which he told about his acquaintance (on a date “blindly”, hosted by a common friend), the proposal (while cooking chicken), the ring (with a large diamond from Botswana and two smaller ones from the collection of the mother of Prince Princess Diana) and future plans (Megan refuses acting career, the pair will be doing charity work and spending a lot of time in Commonwealth countries).

After the wedding, Prince Harry and his wife will receive from Queen Elizabeth II a new title. Most likely, they will be officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but it is likely that Harry would prefer to keep the title of Prince, and then his wife will have the title Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales (Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales).

Under question still remains and the future official name of the wife of Prince Harry: she used her middle name Megan like a stage name, her first name is Rachel.