Infiniti is preparing an electric concept for the Detroit motor show

Infiniti has confirmed that its electric sports sedan concept to the Detroit motor show in January, with a preview of the image revealing a part of the car’s style.

The concept is that the name has not yet been revealed, but design boss Alfonso Albaisa, who have already confirmed to Autocar that the car will be a pure electric model in its own right, rather than an electric model of a car.

Preview of the brand of the next generation of design language, the car, the grille is solid, confirming its electric motor. Deep slashes in the car bonnet suggest that the aggressive design of its current range is not set to soften for the next generation.

”Our Detroit concept car foreshadows a new generation of Infiniti. A perfect and stunning new design philosophy, showing Infiniti art in the new era of autonomy and the breakthrough of transmissions,” said Albaisa.

Director of design Karim Habib explained that the car will be in the form of a traditional sedan, but with adjustments to its formula. This was due to “smarter, more compact and less intrusive powertrains,” he explained.

The car sits on a new platform, and will not be sharing this with the Nissan Leaf. The production version of the EV is expected to go on sale in 2019, alongside a raft of EVs for the entire industry.

The electric hatchback will use elements of the Infiniti Prototype 9 concept in 2017 Monterey car week, Albaisa explained. It is likely to take many more classic retro rider-inspired Prototype 9, however.

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