Today’s Russia will never extradite their nationals for trial, – Gerashchenko

Today’s Russia will never extradite their nationals involved in crimes against the Ukrainians, with the aim of carrying out justice on them. This broadcast “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said MP Anton Geraschenko.

Gerashchenko argues that to date, Ukraine has no opportunity to prosecute Russians involved in crimes against the Ukrainian population in Crimea.

“In order to make possible processes against the Russian prosecutors, judges and other villains, who are now torturing Ukrainians, under their oppression, Russia for this or should be the other country, or should ever break into pieces, and then it will be the occasion for us to bring them to justice. It is clear that while Russia will be in the form as it is now, with the dictatorship of Putin, she will never extradite their nationals to the court on them,” he said.

Commenting on the death of an elderly Crimean Tatar in Veggie porridge after another RAID by the FSB, Gerashchenko said that Ukraine needs to record the facts of crimes of Russia in the Crimea.

“We have all these facts to fix and even years to find those who had involved. For example today in the Hague at the International criminal court was the verdict in the Ratko mladić, it was a General of the Serbian army, which was engaged in genocide against Muslims, and received a life sentence. It came 20 years after those events in which he was involved and organized the mass murder. However, justice was done, and this man the rest of his life in prison. Why was it made? This is done with the support of the world community in order to discourage others had engaged in ethnic cleansing, political assassinations, what occupation administration of Russia in the Crimea”, – summed up the MP.

As reported in occupied Simferopol in the Crimea, a veteran of the Crimean Tatar movement Wedgie Kashka died after she tried to stop the security forces of the FSB.

In Crimea, there was a series of simultaneous searches and arrests of Crimean Tatars. During the raids, security forces, the FSB, was detained Bekir degermendzhi, Asan Capouch, Kazim Ametov and Veggie porridge.

President Petro Poroshenko, while in Brussels, stated that Russia should be held accountable for past searches and the death of an elderly woman.