In Puerto Rico re-count the number of victims of hurricane “Maria”

Journalists contradict the official data on 64 of the dead

The Governor of Puerto Rico on Monday ordered to recalculate the death toll from the devastating hurricane “Maria”, which devastated the island almost three months ago. However, he noted that this number can significantly exceed 64.We will remind that on 20 September heavy rain and hurricane wind speeds of 248 miles per hour struck this island territory of the United States.

Ricardo Rosello initiated the recount after the newspaper The New York Times and Center for investigative journalism of Puerto Rico, the results of two separate investigations released information that “Mary” led to the deaths of more than a thousand people.

The Governor of Puerto Rico had previously refused to count the number of victims, stating, however, that “it is more than just numbers – it’s the lost lives of people who have left family and friends.”

“We always expected that the number of deaths associated with the hurricane will grow as we get new information – information based on facts, not rumours, and these data will help there to get the exact number of victims, said Rosello. We also want to have the most accurate understanding of the circumstances under which and as a result, some of the factors killing people: it will allow us to more accurately consider the impact of storms and to determine the ways that can help prevent deaths in the eve of disasters in the future.”

In the updated statistics may include data about died a natural death after a storm (we are talking about the deaths, possibly due to the lack of supply on the island and the other problems of housing and communal system. All of these factors could have a significant impact on the work of rescue teams and doctors in the days and weeks after the hurricane.

Restoration of electricity supply on the island with a population of 3.4 million people has been slow. More than a third of Puerto Rico remains without electricity.