You are hired! Who has Lord sugar?

Spoiler alert: This story reveals who wins

The latest series of The apprentice has achieved a surprise climax.

Lord sugar has chosen to be the two finalists, his business partner, is for the first time in the BBC show’s history.

The business mogul said that he “really couldn’t decide between” sweet company owner Sarah Lynn, 35, and James White, 26, who runs an IT personnel placement.

As a result, both candidates a £receive EUR 250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with Lord sugar, who called her “fantastically clever people”.

“This year I’ll double my investment,” he said.

“I’m going to a business with the two of you.”

According to the BBC, this surprise double “rent change” as the format.

The viewers who tuned in to the final saw Lynn from London, against a White, from Birmingham.

Over the course of the 12-week series, the pair bested had to compete with 16 other candidates with each other for the privilege of being Lord sugar’s business partner.

The last episode saw Lynn and pitch your business plans to Lord sugar and his expert panel.’Impressive’

“It is quite obvious that there are two highly qualified people,” said the 70-year-old magnate before he made his decision.

“The decision on a winner was the hardest decision I’ve had yet, in all 13 of the series, The Apprentice-to-date,” said Mr sugar said in a statement.

“James and Sarah were very impressive, and the proposed business plans were very different, but equally strong.

“I couldn’t really decide between them, so that you think long and hard, I decided to fork out £500,000 to invest in you.”

Lynn said that they are “shocked and surprised”, said the joint victor in addition to White, who said it was “very, very humiliating” Lord sugar’s business partner.

The investment will enable it to build the pair, their respective confectionery and recruitment companies.

The series ended in the same week it was revealed that the winner of last year’s-has had a series to remember, in almost all of your cakes due to health concerns.

Food Standards Agency investigators Alana Spencer’s said Ridiculous Rich society had inaccurately labelled seven of the eight cakes, and bars that advertised currently for sale on their website.

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