The President of the FJC believes that the memorial trips to Auschwitz should not only involve Jews

Moscow. 18 Dec. INTERFAX – the President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda has proposed to expand the national structure of the “Marches of life” in which participants visited the death camp “Auschwitz-Birkenau”, where it was destroyed a few million Jews.

“God forbid that young people of all nationalities visited the concentration camp in “Marches of life” and did everything that such events are not repeated,” he said on Sunday the Kremlin at the ceremony of award of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia “Fiddler on the roof”.

“March of life” is one of the projects of the FJC. This year in March, according to Mr. Beard, was attended by over a thousand people from 45 cities of Russia. The trip, timed to the Victory Day was intended to remind Jewish youth about the Holocaust and the heroism of the soldiers and commanders of the red army of the Soviet Union in the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Jews of Europe.

This time one of the laureates of “Fiddler on the roof” became the President of the European Jewish Congress Vyacheslav Kantor, who assisted in organizing a “March of life”.

Speaking to guests at the ceremony, chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar praised the winners, calling them “a people looking forward.”

“These people are unique not because they are strong or rich, but because doing good to others. Indeed, in the days of Hanukkah we light the menorah in the main squares, so that more people know about the miracle, and similarly we reward our winners in the main hall of the Moscow Kremlin to as many people as possible know about these wonderful people!” – said the Rabbi.