The Bangladesh authorities is known about the links a suspect in the bombing in new York city with fighters

Meanwhile, in the United States against immigrants from Bangladesh Akeady Ulla charged with terrorism

The representative of the management of the counter-terrorism services of Bangladesh said Wednesday that the authorities have no information about relationships of Akaeda Ulla, who is accused of undermining the tubular bomb in the tunnel of the new York subway, with groups of fighters.

Monirul Islam reported that investigators interviewed the wife Ulla and her parents.

27-year-old Ulla in the environment must first be brought before the court. Before Federal prosecutors charged him with terrorism. Authorities say an immigrant from Bangladesh made the attack under the influence of the grouping “Islamic state”.

Charges against him include the explosion of a bomb in a public place and the use of weapons of mass destruction. Each of these charges provides for punishment up to life imprisonment.

Ulla is also accused of providing material support to Islamic state, the destruction of property using an explosive device, as well as to use destructive device to commit a crime or violence, said the indictment, made public on Tuesday. These charges carry a prison term of from 5 to 30 years each.

The acting U.S. attorney for the southern district of new York Joon Kim announced the charges at a press conference in new York.

Tuesday Ulla was still in the hospital, and Kim announced that charges will be officially brought against him in the hospital.