Putin called Trump and thanked the CIA for assistance in preventing a terrorist act

The information provided by the CIA, helped to prevent the attack of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Sunday to US President Donald Trump to thank him for the information that enabled Russia to prevent to prevent a series of explosions in St. Petersburg, which was prepared by “Islamic state”.

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Ken Bredemeyer, according to the Russian side, the information provided allowed the FSB to find the two suspects who planned the activation of explosive devices with the participation of suicide bombers from the Kazan Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg and in some other places.

As reported by Interfax, citing a Kremlin, in a telephone conversation the President of Russia told the US President that in case Russia will receive information about the impending attack against the United States, it is, as has already happened in the past, will warn the government of the United States.

Sunday’s phone conversation between the two presidents was the second in four days.