Director Milan: We will protect Donnarumma from his agent

Sporting Director of Milan Massimiliano the Mirabell commented on the situation with goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and his agent Mino Railay.

“Our position is that – we do not sell. If a player wants to leave, he first must make us aware of this. Then a club that wants to buy it, is bound to satisfy our demands. We do not hold it by the throat.

No meetings with Railay I have not planned. From Gianluigi the contract runs until 2021, and this means that I have nothing to say to his agent. Now we are very close with a young goalkeeper, and nowhere to sell it will not.

If he really wants to leave, let him say it to me. But never in all our conversations he was not asked about the transfer. With all my heart he loves Milan.

We will protect Donnarumma from a football agent, protect Milan from the gentleman who is trying to hurt us. The Rayol becomes more and more a showman. We’ll laugh about this all along, but he cannot get away with this“, – quotes the words of Mirabell Football Italia.

Earlier it was reported that the football Donnarumma agent Mino Rayol asked Milan to cancel the contract. After that, the fans of the Italian club prepared a banner calling for the goalkeeper to leave the team, what brought him to tears.

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