Call to combat the “bad mobile services”

The head of the National Infrastructure of the Commission has called for urgent action to tackle poor mobile phone coverage.

Lord Adonis has written to the telecoms regulator Ofcom asking it to take measures to deal with the issue.

The result is a report of a million houses have poor broadband and large parts of the UK have no coverage for 4G.

On Friday, Ofcom said the calls and text messages could not be sent on the four mobile networks to 30% of the whole of the UK mainland. ‘Lamentable’

This is not the first time, Lord Adonis has criticised the state of the UK mobile and broadband services.

In October, it launched a public consultation on the quality of the state of the UK infrastructure in general, but she chose to mobile services as an area requiring urgent attention.

Now, in his letter, Lord Adonis said that Ofcom and the government should “put all options on the table” to deal with coverage black spots. These should include legal and regulatory changes, ” he said.

The president of the National council for Infrastructure, the Commission stated that it was a concern that four of the five rural houses did not have any 4G service inside.

“In a time where access to a mobile signal is considered as a must-have, it is deplorable that, even in areas previously considered as having a high coverage, the operators are still providing such a bad quality of services that the clients may have difficulty making a quick call,” he said.

“This demonstrates the need for urgent and radical action to tackle this problem immediately, before the new mobile spectrum to be auctioned, and 5G technology being deployed,” he said.The continuation of the investment”

The former Labour secretary of state for transport, has said significantly more signal level were necessary to improve customer service, and the mobile companies should share masts, if applicable.

The government minister overseeing the sector agreed that the industry needs to do more.

Matt Hancock, minister of digital, said it was a “real need” for a rapid improvement of mobile coverage.

“Recently, we have deleted the outdated restrictions, giving mobile operators more freedom to improve their networks, including hard-to-reach rural areas,” he said.

“But the industry must play its part too, through the continuation of the investment and the improvement of their networks, ensuring that the customers are not paying for services that they do not receive.”

Ofcom has said that it is agreed that the mobile coverage is expected to improve emergency and it has been the establishment of new rules for the operators licence.