UEFA punished the Carvajal for deliberate yellow card

UEFA has punished real Madrid defender Daniel Carvajal two-match suspension for the fact that the player deliberately obtained the yellow card in the match of group stage of the Champions League with the Cypriot APOEL.

Meeting H held on 21 November in Nicosia and ended with the score 6:0 in favor of the visitors, the referee in the 90th minute showed Carvajal yellow card for a delay time.

This warning became the third player in this season’s Champions League, so he missed the final match of the group stage and had to go to the playoffs without risk to earn a disqualification.

But now Carvajal UEFA suspended two games he has already missed the match against Borussia and now the penalty would apply even in the first match of real Madrid in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.