Trump: the United States won two world wars and put communism on the knees

MOSCOW, 9 Dec — RIA Novosti. American President Donald trump, speaking to supporters in Florida, called the U.S. a nation that won two world wars and put communism on his knees, reports Fox Business.

“We are a nation that dug the Panama canal, won two world wars, put a man on the moon and put communism on its knees,” said trump.

He then addressed his supporters with encouraging calls, notes TV channel.

The first world war began in 1914 and lasted almost to the end of 1918. The US has long held neutrality and joined in the military action only on 6 April 1917. One of the reasons was the incident at the South-East coast of Ireland when the German submarine sank sailing from USA to England, the British liner “Lusitania”.

During the Second world war (1939-1945), USSR, USA and Britain agreed to open a second front in Western Europe in 1942, however, Anglo-American troops landed in Normandy only in 1944.