Muller: correspondence transition team trump obtained legally

Spectracolor accused of wrongfully obtaining letters to high-ranking employees of the trump in the period of transfer of power

As the correspondent of “voice of America” Ken Bredemeier, spectracolor Robert Mueller insists on the legality of getting tens of thousands of emails transition team of Donald trump, although trump’s representatives a few days ago, learned that the government Agency gave the letters a few months ago.

We are talking about the letters contained on the computers 13 senior representatives of the transition team, which covered the period between the election trump in November 2016 and taking office on 20 January 2017. Correspondence includes discussions on issues of national security and possible initial international purpose of trump, as well as the evaluation of potential candidates for positions in the new administration.

The organization, created to provide a transition period after the election Donald trump President, said on Saturday that spectracolor investigating allegations of Russian interference in the elections in the United States in 2016, illegally received tens of thousands of emails.

Corey Langhofer, counsel for the transition team of trump, known as Trump for America (TFA), sent a letter to congressional committees, in which he said that the team of spectacular Robert Mueller wrongly received correspondence from managing General agencies (USON), which is a government body.

Staff Agency staff “illegally transferred closed TFA materials, including confidential correspondence, office of the special Prosecutor”, the letter said, a copy of which was available to Reuters. The letter notes that the material supplied included “tens of thousands of emails”.

“When in the course of our criminal investigation, we received emails, we or have obtained the consent of the owner of the account or use relevant criminal proceedings”, – said on Sunday the representative of the office of spectracolor Peter Carr.

Mueller asked about the transfer of letters in the USON – the government Agency that manages Federal property, where he worked as a transition team of trump, which used departmental computers. Management handed over the correspondence of 1 September, without notifying transition team trump.

Langhofer said that Mueller had received the letter, although it was “known that these data do not belong to the FORCE and were not under his control.”

Trump’s lawyer said that prosecutors Muller “actively used the material” to investigate the possible collusion of the election headquarters trump with Russia to help him defeat his democratic opponent, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. According to Langhofer, prosecutors knew that these materials were protected from disclosure because they involved private discussions between counsel and transition team trump and officials who worked on the process of transfer of power.

Responding to a request for comment, White house spokesman Sarah Sanders said: “We continue to fully cooperate with the special Prosecutor and expect that this process will soon be completed”.

White house officials say that the question of dismissal of Muller is not considered. One of the key Republican legislators, Senator John kornyn, said Sunday that trump will admit a “mistake” if you fire spectacular, although some Republicans are calling to fire Muller.

Months-long investigation Muller has already led to a guilty plea by two associates of trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and foreign policy adviser to George Papadopoulos. They admitted to having lied to Federal investigators about his contacts with Russian officials. In addition, two former key figures of the campaign headquarters, the Floor of Manafort and Rick gates, charged in connection with their lobbying activities in Ukraine, which was preceded by a successful campaign trump.

Trump regularly made derogatory statements about investigations of the connections of its headquarters to Russia, which lead Mueller and congressional committees. Republicans have increasingly criticized the Mueller investigation as biased against Trump. Muller was removed from the investigation one of the main investigators of the FBI, after it became clear that he made negative statements about trump in correspondence with another representative of the FBI associated with the investigation.

“There is absolutely no conspiracy. It’s been proven,” said trump to reporters on Friday, although none of the investigations had not been completed.

Mueller is also investigating possible obstruction of justice on the part of trump that could be expressed in the dismissal of the former Director of the FBI James Komi in may. Komi headed the investigation of Russia before it was replaced by Mueller.

In his speech before the Committee of the Congress of the Komi said that before his dismissal trump urged him to close the investigation against Flynn, the former U.S. Army General who worked in the White house trump less than a month. Trump fired Flynn for the fact that he lied to the Vice-President Mike Pence and others about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the United States during the transition period.