In Turkey, men were forbidden to dye your hair black

ANKARA, Dec 1 — RIA Novosti, Alain Palazhchenko. The office of religious Affairs of Turkey (Diyanet) issued on Friday a fatwa on inadmissibility of use of men of black dye for hair.

“Dyeing of hair, beard or moustache is acceptable if the purpose is not to deceive people. But dyeing hair, men in black according to the Islamic rules is not allowed. It is considered to be unacceptable,” — said in written replies to the questions circulated by Dianita.

In addition, imposed a ban on music, which serves as the “spread of sin” and to work in places where alcohol is sold, an exception is made only in the case, “if there are no other opportunities to earn a living.”

Previously, the Department of religious Affairs of Turkey called inappropriate from the point of view of Islam the operations with cryptocurrency bitcoin.