Hollywood has created a Commission to investigate allegations of sexual harassment

The entertainment industry promises “real change”

Anita hill, widely known in the 1990s, during the approval process as the new judges of the Supreme court of the United States, will head the Commission to investigate allegations of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

The Commission was created after the scandal with the participation of producer and businessman Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood barrage of allegations of sexual harassment.

On Friday, top executives of the entertainment industry took the decision to Finance the work of the Commission. The meeting, held in Los Angeles, was attended by the President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, the Creator of the Nike Foundation Maria News, lawyer Nina Shaw and investor Freda Kapor Klein. Also in negotiations took part the heads of all the major Hollywood studios.

“The Commission will not seek a solution (of a problem) – said Kathleen Kennedy. – We develop a full strategy in order to respond to complex and interrelated issues associated with the problem of equality and abuse of power”.

Anita hill, who headed the Commission, was among the public figures who first declared sexual harassment during the hearing on confirmation of judge Clarence Thomas, a member of the U.S. Supreme court in 1991.

“It’s time to end the conspiracy of silence,’ she said. – I have dealt with this problem for 26 years, and today it’s time to change that.”

Anita hill teaches law at the University of Brandeis and head of the Committee for human rights in the International bar Association. According to her, the Commission will deal with the problems of “abuse of power,” security of victims, while developing recommendations for possible victims of sexual harassment.