Russia was deprived of another five medals at the winter Olympics in Sochi

The international Olympic Committee disqualified the other five Russian athletes participating in Sochi-2014. This was reported in the press service of the IOC.

It is noted that medals stripped Russian biathletes Olga Viluhina,and Yana Romanova, bobbers, Nepodailo Alexei and Dmitry Trunenkov and athletes Sergei Chudinov.

It is reported that the IOC has accused Russian athletes anti-doping rule violation during the Olympics in Sochi. So they will take away medals, and their results are void. In addition, they were forbidden to participate in competitions organized by the IOC in any form.

Earlier it was reported that the IOC found guilty of violating anti-doping rules for the Sochi-2014 Russian bobbers Alexander Zubkov and Olga Stulneva and skaters Olga Fatkulina and Alexander Rumyantsev. Thus, Russia lost the first place in the medal standings of the Sochi 2014.