Rex Tillerson called on Pakistan to sever ties with terrorists

The Secretary of state considers that the fighters can choose their goal Islamabad

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has warned Pakistani authorities that Islamabad could lose control over part of their territory, if not refuse from contacts with terrorist groups in several provinces of the country.

“We want to work together with Pakistan to eradicate terrorism within the borders of this country, but Pakistan needs to begin the process of changing relations with the group “Haqqani” and other”, – said the head of the diplomatic Department in Washington on Wednesday.

In recent months, the militant group has organized several terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. According to American capital, the militants had received help from Pakistani intelligence.

“Pakistan has allowed a large number of terrorist organizations to obtain asylum on its territory, and these organizations grow and become stronger, increasing their influence,” said Rex Tillerson.

According to Secretary of state, he warned the authorities in Islamabad that the leaders of these groups may have moved their activity from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

“If they (the authorities) will not be careful, Pakistan will lose control over its own territory”, – said the head of the US state Department.