In the Finnish capital will not build the big mosque, the city has not allocated under this land

Helsinki. 15 Dec. INTERFAX – the Authorities in Helsinki finally abandoned building in the city’s Grand mosque.

The sponsors of the project withdrew its application from the city Department after city Commission on the environment rejected the allotment of land for the construction of the mosque, announced on Friday the portal of broadcasting “Yle”.

Among the authors – the Union of Muslims of Finland, “Muslim Women” and the cultural-religious organization “Fokus”.

Earlier it was reported that in financing the construction of the great mosque is interested in the Royal family of Bahrain.

The mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori believes that the mosque will not be able to unite the disparate Muslim community of the city and the country. He is also skeptical towards foreign investors, which, in the opinion of some critics of the project, can bring to Finland radical Islam.

“I don’t think the construction will be beneficial to someone, given the size of our Muslim population, and I fear that the mosque is not in the interests, first of all, Muslims themselves. There is hardly a mosque project, which would unite various Islamic communities, and many of them – as in the whole country and in our city. You also need to consider the question of the relationship of the indigenous population with the Muslims. There is a risk,” said J. Vapaavuori.

He noted that in the capital there are more than 20 prayer rooms for different Islamic communities.

It was assumed that the total area of the mosque will amount to 10-20 thousand square meters, the project cost can reach tens or even hundreds of millions of euros.