In Odessa, the dealer persuaded the guards to call on his friend and ran away from them

In Odessa during transportation of SIZO No. 21 in Illichivsk the court under escort of two officers of the black sea division fled accused of smuggling and selling drugs. About it reports the local edition Timer.

According to established facts, the defendant asked the guards to go on trial by his friend to get her food and material goods.

The guards made concessions complied with the request of the accused, believing that he will return to the stopping place of official vehicles, which they will have to wait.

But the accused disappeared, and on the same day, the escapees was re-arrested by the police. Before that, he was detained by guards.

Investigators began investigative actions, in particular the test of whether there was collusion between guards and inmates was a drug dealer.

Earlier it was reported that the border police arrested a drug courier with 33 kg of hashish worth half a million dollars.