Football: FIFA has threatened Spain’s removal from the world Cup

FIFA has hinted that he may not allow the Spain national team for the 2018 world Cup, reports El País.

FIFA has written to the Spanish side of the warning associated with state intervention in the Affairs of the football Federation of the country. The Royal Spanish football Federation (RFEF) received from FIFA’s official letter on this subject.

Membership of the Spanish Federation FIFA to be suspended. If that happens, the Spanish team will be disqualified from the tournament, including the 2018 world Cup.

The duties of the President of the RFEF now plays Juan Luis Larrea. He started to work on this post in the summer. Angel Maria Villar was forced to resign from the post of head due to allegations of corruption.

According to FIFA, the governmental structures of Spain are putting pressure on the situation with the election of a new President of the RFEF. This is contrary to the 13th article of the FIFA statutes, according to which Federation members should be independent.