Democrat Jones speaks about unity after winning the elections in Alabama

Meanwhile, the Republican candidate, Roy Moore refuses to admit defeat before the official tabulation

After a tense election campaign, Democrat Doug Jones expressed the hope that the Republican candidate, Roy Moore will “do the right thing” and admit defeat in the early elections to the Senate in Alabama.

Jones won the election Tuesday, receiving 49.9 percent of the vote against 48.4% in Moore, and then on Wednesday promised to work to achieve unity, saying that “it’s time for healing and time to work with people.”

Moore has released a video message in which he said that the final counting of ballots cast by military, voters included in additional lists was not completed, and his staff is waiting for the results will be approved by the Secretary of state of Alabama. It is expected that this process will be completed in about two weeks.

The difference in the number of votes received by Jones and Moore, exceeded the threshold of half a percent that required a mandatory recount. Chairman of the Republican party of Alabama, Terry lathan, in his statement on Wednesday made clear he would not support a recount.

Lathan said that Republicans are “deeply disappointed” with the results, but the fight “ended”.

Former Federal Prosecutor Jones became the first Democrat, won elections to the Senate in Alabama since 1992.

His victory was a serious blow for the US President Donald trump, who supported the Moore – judge state Supreme court, which twice led out of court for disobeying the decisions of the Federal court. In addition, several women have accused Moore of sexual harassment, which allegedly took place about 40 years ago when these women were underage and he was over 30.

Trump congratulated Jones, but also said that he knew that Moore did not win the election.

Moore denies the charges against him, and he again mentioned it in his video on Wednesday.

“Immorality is sweeping across our land. Even our political process has suffered from unfounded and false statements that have become more important than real problems that affect our country,” said Moore.

When January Jones will officially become a member of the 100-seat Senate, the balance of power between Republicans and Democrats changes from 52:48 to 51:49, which Trump it will be harder to gain support for his legislative agenda.

One of the leading Republican lawmakers, Senator John kornyn said “Voice of America” that the lesson that should make the Republicans of this election, is that “problematic candidates lose.”

Trump tweeted that the reason he initially supported the competitor Moore, Senator Luther, Strange on the Republican primaries, is that he “said Roy Moore can’t win the General election.”

“I was right! Roy did a great job, but the map is not laid down!” – added trump.

In the other comments, trump remarked, “If elections yesterday something showed up, is that we have to put great candidates to increase the very slight advantage in the House of representatives and the Senate.”

Many key Republican figures, including majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and two former presidential candidates, Senator John McCain and MITT Romney, vainly urged Moore to withdraw his candidacy, after two women who are now over 50, has accused Moore of sexual harassment when they were minors.

Several Republican legislators said that Moore initiated the exclusion of the Senate in the event of his victory. Lose Moore prevented the development of events, in which the Republicans would have had to constantly answer questions about the charges against him.

Exit polls showed that Jones won with a huge advantage among African Americans and white liberals. At the same time, some Republican voters were alarmed leveled against Moore’s allegations of sexual harassment. The Republican candidate has secured broad support from the loyal supporters of the Republican party and Evangelical Christians who were attracted by the frequent citation of the Bible Moore at his rallies.

Jones gets the Senate seat that was held by Jeff sessions, who retired from the chamber to enter the office of the President of trump as attorney General – the head of the law enforcement system of the country.