The Museum of history of religion will speak about the context of the Arab world and Christmas holiday

Saint-Petersburg. 14 Dec. INTERFAX – the St. Petersburg Museum of history of religion on Thursday opened a new exhibition project by Efim Rezvan “the Magi came”.

As the press service of the Museum, is one of the first results of historical and ethnographic expedition, which took place from 15 to 31 March 2017 in the framework of the project “the Material world of the Quran (the everyday life of Arabia of the Prophet’s time)”, which is the Kunstkamera, Leiden Institute of rational monotheism and the journal “Manuscripta Orientalia”.

Petersburgers will tell you that unites polyphonic Arabic Bazaar, filled with the scent of countless spices and the feast of the Nativity, where in fact, the wise men came and that really gave the divine infant.

Among the exhibits of the painting “the adoration of the Magi” by Jacob Cornelis van Oostsanen – sample of the Dutch painting of the XVI century with the characteristics of artistic style of the masters of Northern mannerism.

Visitors will also be able to see the incense of the spring collection, autumn collection frankincense and myrrh, purchased in the market in Salalah in the spring of 2017. Incense is laid in a traditional basket.

The exhibition presents a Nativity scene made of dried pumpkin, palm straw, wood and cowrie shells.