Film awards, have all the female presenters

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After the fallout of the Hollywood sex scandal, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards next year, making the ceremony all about female empowerment.

The annual awards, which honors the actions of the hand from 13, be a host for the first time – Kristen Bell and all the moderators and women.

“It was the year of the woman,” SAG Awards executive producer Kathy Connell, the Hollywood Reporter said.

The 24th annual SAG awards will take place on 21. January.

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The moderators have not been named yet, but it marks a change from tradition, which says that a man and a woman present, the prices.

“This is a welcome unification to women, which added to a very brave and speak,” Connell.

“We want to not easy, the men, have great performances this year – our members know, I am sure that our men will embrace the opportunity to honor the women.’

“It’s still an Award show and a celebration. We are not here to preach to anyone. To me, only some of these fabulous women on stage sends its own message.”‘Stereotypes are shaken,’

Frozen star Bell was known as the host earlier this month, and Connell said, your choice at the time.

“This was a year in which the assumptions have been made, stereotypes were destroyed, and the precedents were broken.

“We have decided to capture the cultural mood by casting aside of our own traditions, and we are thrilled that such a talented actor like Bell, you will help us do that.”

This year the nominations are led by Three billboards Outside of low tide, Missouri in the film categories, ” and “Big Little Lies”, ” the GLOW and the Strange things in the TV categories.

The SAG awards are often a good indicator of who and what will triumph at the Oscars a few weeks later.

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