The guards stepped up security measures on the boundary line due to the deterioration of the situation in ORDA

Employees of the State border service tightened security in connection with the aggravation of the situation in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the press center of the body.

“In connection with the aggravation of the internal situation in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as a consequence, does not exclude the possibility of conflict or escalation of any provocative actions of the Russian mercenaries. It is therefore within the competence of the State border service of Ukraine has strengthened security measures on the contact line”, – stated in the message.

In particular, it increased the number of outfits of engineering controls at points of entry/exit. Also, service dogs.

We will note, yesterday in Lugansk, the situation escalated. In the center of the city, brought military equipment and “security forces LNR”, were closed roads and blocked the work of the institutions. Later it became known about the conflict between two groups of militants led by Carpenter and “interior Minister” Igor Cornet. Late in the evening local residents published in social networks a video which to Lugansk from Donetsk comes a convoy of military vehicles allegedly with signs of the “DNR”.

As previously reported, OSCE observers have recorded in the center of Lugansk, about 30 armored vehicles and 150 men in camouflage uniforms without insignia.