In Ukraine cancelled the state registration of the series “Matchmakers”

The state Agency for the movie has been canceled state registration of all seasons of the series “Matchmakers”, said the head of the Agency Philip Ilyenko on his page in Facebook.

“The state has cancelled the state registration and invalidated the distribution certificate for all the seasons of the series “Matchmakers” – he wrote.

We will remind, earlier the SBU forbade entry into Ukraine to one of the actors of the series “Matchmakers” Fedor Dobronravov for a period of three years. The decision was taken due to the fact that the actor has visited the occupied Crimea and, as stated in the SBU, allowed himself to anti-Ukrainian public statements.

Then in the episode said that the show can deny, however, need to obtain relevant documents from the Ministry of culture. However, later, the head of Goskino Philip, Ilienko stated that the prohibition of the SBU the Dobronravov doesn’t mean that TV channels will not be allowed to show the series “Matchmakers”.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky lashed out at the security Service of Ukraine after it became known that filmed by the Studio “Kvartal 95” Comedy series can deny. The comedian released an emotional video in which he said that the Agency “comes up with various reasons to terminate the stream”.