In the center of Moscow took place the solemn ignition of the Hannukah menorah

Moscow. 13 Dec. INTERFAX – on Tuesday evening the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar lit in Revolution square in Moscow, a festive Chanukah vosmitsvetnyh and wished all the audience to the days of Hanukkah was filled with fun, joy and happiness.

“We celebrate Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle that happened to our ancestors after a military victory over wanting to allinternal their invaders, – said the Rabbi. – Returning to the Temple, the Jews found only one jar of consecrated oil. Despite the fact that this amount of oil should be enough for a day, it miraculously burned for eight days in a row.”

Lazar answered the question of why Jews celebrate Hanukkah not only in the synagogue or in the homes but in the Central areas, explaining that the lesson of Chanukah is universal: “this holiday teaches us that even when there are forces that hinder our freedom, never give up, because even one small candle is able to disperse the darkness.”

“Lighting the menorah, we understand that this feast speaks of the victory of the power of the spirit, eternal values and of spirituality over materiality surrounding us,” said the Rabbi, and called to try to think these days about how to help another person, to love our neighbor, to do everything possible to bring our world as much light as possible.

The evening continued with fireworks and cheerful dancing to traditional Jewish music. A got sweet doughnuts with jam (sufganiot), which, along with hanukia are another symbol of Hanukkah and are served to the table in every Jewish home during all days of the festival.