In Kiev in the detention of criminals wounded a policeman

Today in Kiev at the time of arrest the crooks who faked a currency exchange and illegally took possession of $25 thousand were wounded a policeman. About it reports a press-service of the Channel.

According to the report, police officers received operational information about the attackers, who were equipped with fake currency exchange with an additional output.

The police said that the announcement in the Internet the man agreed with the “workers” on the exchange of $25 thousand and came to the street of Copernicus. In the premises of the entrepreneur met a girl entered a room, the male cashier took the $ and supposedly went for hryvnia. At this moment the man closed the room, and the cashier had to transfer money to a partner, who together with the driver from a scene disappeared on the Lanos.

Investigators first arrested the first two defendants and began to pursue the vehicle.

A few blocks militiamen blocked the Lanos, but the men refused to get out of the car.

“In the end, during the arrest one of the attackers, who were carrying the money of the victim, the knife hit the operative. He received the necessary medical assistance, and four of the defendants were taken to the Shevchenkovsky police Department,” – said the chief of the Department of national police in Kiev Andrey Krishchenko.

In November, the police Kiev region detained a group suspected of fraud. Men on the car first simulated traffic accident, and then the “perpetrators” of the accident and demanded compensation