Drug kingpin Steven Spaliviero reveals the real Breaking Bad

WHEN Sydney’s boyfriend Steven Spaliviero was locked up in a prison cell with a master drug cook named Igor, he decided to make the most of it.

What happened after that is like the TV series Breaking Bad, on steroids.

On the surface, the handsome young Australian has led a life of glamour from Sydney to Los Angeles of luxury cars, yachts, celebrities and beautiful women.

But Spaliviero would become one of the world’s largest ecstasy producer.

As taught by his cell mate, Igor, became a hands-on cook huge amounts of high-quality MDMA.

Spaliviero spent his free time out driving the Lamborghini, romancing women, or rubbing shoulders in the local clubs, with Sylvester Stallone and Eddie Murphy.

But the day would be sweating in a secret lab, struggling with the most gigantic of drug boiler has welded itself to produce what was, finally, billions of pills of ecstasy.

Everything on a mammoth scale.

Viewers of the Breaking Bad series have seen the Walter White character and his meth cook, a friend of Jesse Pinkman in hazmat suits carry the battery in their secret ice factory.

“As far as the size of the imaginary Breaking Bad operation, they used the 25 litre drums of a weight of about 25 kg of load for a 400-liter reaction vessel,” Spaliviero told the news.com.au.

“Ours was a 1000-liter reaction vessel, and the battery which weighed 200kg, and then not paid, that had to be loaded using a forklift.

The real Breaking Bad: Aussie drug kingpin Steven Spaliviero says his ecstasy of the factory is about 10 times the fiction of the TV series.

Ex-ecstasy kingpin Steven Spaliviero reveals how an Aussie guy became the largest manufacturer of the drug throughout the world.

Night Steven Spaliviero mixed with celebrities like Keanu Reeves (above), but during the day it was a secret drug cook.

Spaliviero and ex-girlfriend, Swedish model Charlotte Lindstrom.

Charlotte Lindstrom has been charged with conspiracy to murder.

A man (left) is dwarfed by one of the Spaliviero massive ecstasy reaction vessels.

“Obviously the big difference is Breaking Bad was ours was real, as well as chemicals to make MDMA are much more dangerous.”

At the end Spaliviero would have taken, in Australia, and spend 11 years in prison, from which the 52-year-old has just released about six weeks ago.

But having done his time and leaving his life of crime behind, a reformed drug criminal Spaliviero has revealed in his new book Narco X.

Tells the story of how a Sydney boy from a poor family of migrants rose shoulder-to-shoulder with the CIA and the infamous drug cartel of Sinaloa.

Spaliviero is remembered for his love affair with the Swedish model Charlotte Lindstrom, who has also spent time behind bars.

But his career as a drug cook started in the early twenties, when he was locked up for a luxury car racket in California’s Avenal State Prison with the Dutch drug cook, Igor.

Spaliviero of the cell-mate was a chemical engineer who, like Walter White, had a personal motivation for the creation of medicines.

Spaliviero the book of Narco X reveals the true Breaking Bad, Australian style.

Sydney boyfriend Steven Spaliviero made a real-life version of the TV series Breaking Bad (above), on a mass scale.

Steven Spaliviero is to forge a new life without crime, has now been released from prison and began a relationship with Sydney model, Chelsea Coates.

In the TV show, teacher of chemistry, and in White is diagnosed with cancer and falls in wholesale methamphetamine production to provide for his family once he dies.

Igor, the Bayer company chemical engineer, had become a delight to cook after his wife died of cancer and left her job to care for his young daughter, Emily.

In their shared cell in Avenal, a big prison in California, in the San Joaquin Valley, riven by a bloody war between gangs, Igor said Spaliviero because he had done the crime.

His daughter had cerebral palsy and to prevent its being taken care of, a broken Igor had decided to set up an illegal laboratory in America and the production of MDMA.

The Drug Enforcement Agency kicked down the door, Igor was making about 100kg, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

At first, Igor taught Spaliviero how to survive frequent fatal gang stabbing in the courtyard of the prison.

When Igor received the news that his sister’s husband had died and she could no longer take care of Emily, has agreed to teach Spaliviero the art of ecstasy production.

The Australian is already used to fixing things, and pulling a part from Porsche for his illegal parts of the scam.

Spaliviero carried out drug transactions in the UNITED states and Australia, but has now reformed after serving a prison sentence.

The characters of Breaking Bad, that Spaliviero says that it was small scale compared to the real thing.

In the month of April, 1991, cellmates made a pact: if Igor has taught us to take ecstasy, Spaliviero would have paid for Emily’s maintenance.

For the last 18 months of the sentence, was Igor’s student, swearing on his release to support Emily with the proceeds of drug trafficking.

“I came in Avenal a naïve car thief,” Spaliviero writes in Narco X.

“I left as a resentment ecstasy cook, a product of the California Corrections, determined to leave its mark in the world”.

Spaliviero told the news.com.au that he had always “think big”, and so when it came to the production of his first batch of MDMA he wanted to make it useful.

He made a fake business name, LabTec, and used the address of a local terrain of the factory.

Spaliviero is enough chemicals to make 20kg of pure ecstasy, and then sat down outside the factory of the site to make sure that police do not use the supply of “chemical cleaning products”.

At that point, Spaliviero needed to build a 60-liter “reaction vessel,” use of stainless steel rolled into a cylinder and welded each end with steel rims.

He added a pressure gauge and a porthole of the ship, which was the size of a keg of beer

and took a week to build, using the skills he learned in Sydney to repair the machines and machines.

Following Igor’s instructions, he took the barrel on his boat with the chemicals, and sailed out from THE Catalina Island.

“I was the captain of a multimillion-dollar floating drug lab,” Spaliviero writes.

Avenal state prison in California where Spaliviero met drug cook Igor and learned the ecstasy of the trade.

Now, out of prison, Spaliviero intends to never return to a life of crime.

When he reached a secluded spot, tied a rope around the stem, filled with chemicals and lowered 20m in the water

“Igor had pointed out this was the most dangerous part of the process, and I will not go near it for at least 20 minutes.”

After a few minutes, the reaction vessel is exploded and he filled the sea with hydrogen gas, the ecstasy of chemicals and dead fish.

Everything was lost.

Spaliviero decided that what had gone wrong was the temperature of the water, too warm at 18C.

He got to work and created another reaction vessel, this time much larger and the use of pharmaceutical grade steel.

So large, could that be loaded on to his boat via a ramp, drove up to the point desired and expected.

This is a survivor, but he could not pull it back on board and had to be towed to shore.

On a secluded beach, Spaliviero unbolted the filling port, and was rewarded with the sight of drug crystals the size of diamonds.

He swallowed, 20 minutes later, he was on a “journey to my planet of euphoria.”

She had just sold its buyers wanted more of the “amazing” stuff.

It had cost only $2000, including the chemicals and the ship, for $275,000.

Has sent $20,000 to Igor sister, but his buyers of drugs, of los angeles, “they all yell for more.”

Spaliviero decided that he needed to build a great ship to 20kg and a 5000 litre plastic water tank that could empty bags of party ice, then lower the ship down with a ton winch.

He found a factory, next to an oil refinery to mask the smell of chemicals.

Again, the drugs were a raving success, but the buyers wanted him, for the supply of pills rather than powder.

Flew to Amsterdam to meet Igor’s sister Emily, and a man who has performed a legal operation, making vitamins with a pill press.

The suburban Australia boy who became a drug kingpin: Spaliviero as a child in Sydney.

CCTV footage of Spaliviero ex girlfriend Swedish socialite Charlotte Lindstrom to be arrested in Sydney in 2007.

Spaliviero returned with the innocent vitamin of the producer of knowledge.

“I came into America with the intention of producing millions of ecstasy pills,” he said.

Spaliviero built a new reaction vessel to a height of 1.5 m, and bought 2000kg pill association powder three pill presses capable of producing 7500 pills a minute.

When he started the factory, “I turned on the machines,” he said.

“Instantly little white pills have started to flow like coins from a Las Vegas poker machine I hit the jackpot, with the exception of these coins were $6 pills of ecstasy.

“While the police broke the bands that at the end of my street for selling small amounts of crack and weed control, The products of hundreds of kilos of the drug.

“I became addicted to the thrill of hearing the police sirens wailing past the factory on the way to enforce traffic violations … knowing that he was invisible behind the factory walls”.Then he met a CIA officer who has decided to tell him if he was under examination by the Fed.

“I Was Mr. Clean. I felt untouchable,” Spaliviero, he said.

“Since 2001, I had made $ 23 million from the sale of ecstasy.”

But the Government was transferred to the repression of the drug trade and to ban the import of precursor chemicals.

Then Igor was released from prison and invited Spaliviero to meet him in Shanghai.

Igor had been working on a new chemical to make ecstasy, to beat the precursor to a ban.

The main precursor chemical MDP2P, now recovered a whopping $20,000 per kilo on the black market.

“Any good drug cook could turn a kilo into a kilo of ecstasy in a day and make a quick $ 40,000,” Spaliviero writes.

“The problem was that he had to reach the village.”

Igor, who had graduated in chemical engineering at the University of Zurich before working for the Bayer, had to come up with a plan to change the structure of MDP2P

He found a Chinese company, with a 500,000 kg supply of MDP2P, which was willing to trade.

Spaliviero and Igor calculated how many millions of ecstasy pills you could do $6 for wholesale, for 21 billion dollars of profit.

Steven Spaliviero was a cell-mate with the cocaine dealer Richard Buttrose in the NSW prison system, but both were now on probation.

Steven Spaliviero says his ecstasy manufacturing operation was about 10 times the size of the end of Breaking Bad (above). Picture: Ben Leuner.

Standing in their huge MDMA warehouse, Spaliviero thought this was the adult realization of his childhood dream.

“When I was a child, my grandmother, Irene, took me to see the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” he writes.

“For years I had fantasised over the chocolate river and how amazing it would be to see such a place.

“Today, I found myself in something even more phenomenal than I could have imagined.

“The moment that I entered the warehouse in front of me there was enough MDP2P to make 3.5 billion pills of ecstasy, enough to supply the world for the next 10 years.”

Spaliviero had to leave the method of ecstasy under water, as its operation became too great.

As in Breaking Bad, he and his assistant, the drug cooks wore chemical masks and heavy clothing to be safe from the chemicals.

But in regard to making methamphetamine, ecstasy production produces enormous quantities of hydrogen. On one occasion, one of the men who took his mask off to the error and collapsed, the need to be resurrected.

Steven Spaliviero was sentenced to 16 years for running an ecstasy drug laboratory in Riverstone in the north-west of Sydney, the production 44kg of medication.

He was released after serving 11 years, and acted as a mentor to the young prisoners in the jail, it’s time to start a new life away from crime.

But Spaliviero, who is in a relationship with Sydney model, Chelsea Coates, has decided to tell his story in the Narco X, write the book in the last years of his life behind the bars at Long Bay, Cooma and Goulburn correctional center.

“The narcotics business is over for me,” Spaliviero told the news.com.au.

“There are a huge amount of money to be made in drugs, however, the sentence of imprisonment and the advanced technology the police have at their disposal is the question of whether the money is worth it.

“How can you put a price on the figure 16 years of your life in a prison cell? 5696 — how many sunsets that I have lost 16 Native and 16 of my mother’s birthdays.

“My advice to anyone who wants to take their chances, do not do it.”

Drug X is available online or by Amazon.com.