Adviser to Klitschko’s patented drive trains in a circle: the story

Six years ago, the Kiev authorities have launched a Metropolitan ring train, which “unloads” the metro at rush hour. A year later at the time head of the South-Western railway Alex Krivopishin has patented this form of transport, said in the story of the investigative program “Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusan”.

In fact, say the authors of the plot, he patented that “the train is moving on a circular route”. Moreover, after transition to work in the KSCA officials began to receive payments from Kyivpastrans for the patent.

In the story it is that in 2015, “after a series of corruption scandals,” Krivopishin lost the position on South Western railway, however, in February 2016, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has appointed him as his adviser. In 2017 Kyivpastrans and Krivopishin signed a contract for usage is valid until 2022 patent, which brings the official 251 thousand UAH per year.

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While glavspets of transport Department of Kyiv city state administration Victor Petruk believes a patent is invalid due to the lack of uniqueness of the idea, as analogues of such trains around the world a lot. Despite this Kyivpastrans ignored the opportunity to challenge the patent in Ukrpatent or court.

As journalists write, to increase passenger train city hall plans to run transport project “, Tramtrain”: tram that went with the train and stopped by a large W/m.

“The patent on this idea already was in June 2017 by Krivopishina”, – summed up in the program.

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