Previously deported ally Saakashvili tried to get to Ukraine through Moldova

Ally Saakashvili, previously deported from Ukraine Vano Nadiradze tried to enter illegally on Ukrainian territory via Moldova. Attempt of illegal crossing of the border is successfully prevented, the press-service of state frontier service of Ukraine.

This operation was accomplished by joint efforts of Ukrainian and Moldovan border guards. Nadiradze was arrested 20 meters from the border, he was moving in the direction of the checkpoint “Kelmentsi”.

At the moment, against him a criminal case, he Nadiradze, according to media reports, was detained for 72 hours.

Recall Nadiradze and seven citizens of Georgia were deported on 17 November. Later the defense Ministry of Ukraine said that he was not a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation (as previously stated in the camp Saakashvili).