Peppa Pig ‘ s GP visits ‘copied by the fans’


Peppa Pig has been called, as the public enemy number one in the fight for unnecessary GP visits by a doctor.

Dr Catherine Bell, a GP, believes regularly watches the cuddly character of the TV exploits with your child, that the pigs-family-inappropriate use of the doctor, and copied by their fans.

The family is Wearing GP in the animation series, Dr. Brown, provides the pigs with unparalleled medical assistance.

Dr. Bell says that her cartoon work of equal value fuels unrealistic expectations.

“He has great demand of patients, but offers a really good service, she told the BBC.
Ban Peppa Pig?

The usual advice for the uncomplicated stay self-limiting illnesses, such as coughs and colds at home to see a doctor, while drinking a lot of liquid.

But Peppa and family home visits by Dr. Brown get bear for the smallest conditions.

And if Dr. Bell was given the chance to write the screenplay for an episode contact with Dr. Brown Bear, would be unlikely.

“If the issue of health in connection with that I would be the promotion of self-care for minor illnesses, she said, rather than to visit a different to Dr. Brown [Wear]”,.

Dr. Bell, who has written a BMJ article on the topic, is the only person to Peppa the constant traveling on the Operation impact in real life.

She posted the idea of a Facebook-group for doctors, said mothers and a lot of people, you could view with your identify.You may also like:
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The big question is, has Dr. Bell think Peppa pig should be banned, our TV screens?

“No, because then I would be in a lot of trouble with my two-year-olds,” she says. “Peppa offers a welcome distraction.”

Entertainment One, the media group has, Peppa Pig, was contacted for a comment, but don’t want to respond to.