Accident in Kiev: a drunk driver crashed the car head-on

In Kiev there was a road accident to participation of Chevrolet and Skoda that collided head-on on the street staronavodnitskaya. On Sunday, 10 December, reports on the page in Facebook.

According to the report, the collision occurred due to the fact that one of the cars suddenly flew into the oncoming lane. According to reports, the culprit was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

“Four people were injured. The driver of “Chevrolet“ in critical condition, unconscious, trapped in the car. Before the arrival of rescuers was put on a drip. After 12 minutes the man removed the rescuers of gschs. Held resuscitation events in the cabin “emergency“, – stated in the message.

Additionally, severe injuries to the passenger “Chevrolet“, which was extracted from the car by police and witnesses of the accident, and the driver of “Skoda“. After that the road was blocked.

As previously reported, in Zhitomir area from-for road accident 2 persons were lost.