“Unsafe” actions, the United States announced the interception of aircraft of the Russian su-30

MOSCOW, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Russian fighter su-30 “unsafe” intercepted an American antisubmarine aircraft P-8A Poseidon in the sky over the Black sea on Saturday, reported Tuesday by CNN, citing the statement of the official representative of the Pentagon, Michelle Baldanza.

According to her statement, the us plane was in international airspace and did not commit provocative actions against the Russian military.

The Russian side has not yet commented on this statement.

Meetings over the Black sea

Videoconferencing Russia this year already “crossed” by NATO aircraft over the Black sea. So, on may 9, the su-30 has risen into the sky to intercept American reconnaissance aircraft P8A “Poseidon”. A Russian fighter jet maneuver was welcomed by American pilots, after which the reconnaissance plane changed the flight path in the direction from the border with Russia. The fighter returned safely to their home airfield.

In July, the fighter Typhoon RAF took to the air base in Romania, to intercept the Russian Tu-22 bombers flying over the Black sea. The planes were out of visual sight, the fighter, NATO carried out tracking the Russian bombers until they left the area of the security of the Alliance.
Exploration at the borders

In mid-November the defence Ministry announced that during the week 12 a foreign aircraft conducted reconnaissance along the borders of Russia.

It was reported that six aircraft conducted reconnaissance on the Western strategic direction, three in the Arctic, one in the southwest, two on the East. It was also noted that three ships were prospecting along the sea borders of the Russian Federation.

FSI Russian planes three times flew to intercept foreign intelligence. Violations of airspace was not allowed.

A week earlier, according to military officials, Russian fighter jets carried out two interception, aerial reconnaissance along the borders of Russia were 17 aircraft.
The intercept of the plane Shoigu

In June belonging to the NATO F-16 fighter intended to escort the Board defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the way to Kaliningrad. The plane was flying with an escort of su-27 fighters. NATO aircraft approached the Board of the Ministry of defense, but then came the su-27. A Russian fighter jet caught up with the F-16 and shook her wings to show the pilot of the Alliance its service. After this “uninvited guest” made a hasty retreat.

The Alliance then stated that the plane acted according to standard procedure, trying identificeret foreign aircraft at a safe distance.

The former commander Military-air forces of Russia Pyotr Deinekin, commenting on the incident, said that the pilots of both sides acted within the permissible limits. The Kremlin has refrained from comments, having readdressed all questions to the defense Ministry.
Multi-purpose fighter su-30